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<hr></hr>Jacques Frémont
<br>President and Vice-Chancellor
<br>University of Ottawa

Our LGBTQIA2S+ students, faculty and staff are amongst the brightest and the best. We take pride in celebrating their achievement. This is important to us, both as an employer, and as one of Canada’s leading institution for higher education. The partnership with Pride at Work Canada supports of our vision for the university of today and tomorrow.

Jacques Frémont
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is home to over 50,000 students, faculty and staff, who live, work and study in both French and English. Our campus is a crossroads of cultures and ideas, where bold minds come together to inspire game-changing ideas. We are one of Canada’s top 10 research universities—our professors and researchers explore new approaches to today’s challenges. One of a handful of Canadian universities ranked among the top 200 in the world, we attract exceptional thinkers and welcome diverse perspectives from across the globe. Our employees come together around the shared purpose of constant improvement, personal development, service excellence, teamwork and a passion for learning with a desire to make uOttawa and the world a better place. Everyone's contributions are valued, we all play a part in making uOttawa a world-class institution. Most importantly, we make it possible for you to achieve your full potential. Because at uOttawa, you belong!


We are at our best when everyone has a seat at the table and contributes equally to the conversation. We know that barriers still exist, and that we have a collective responsibility to identify and eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of equity and inclusion.

Our commitment begins by recognizing the need for action, and that we must lead by example in order to overcome scepticism and statement fatigue. One way in which we are starting to affect change, is by promoting best practices for staff and faculty recruitment. These include more diversified and cross-functional selection committees, the use of standardized assessments, establishing the standards and criteria on which the hiring decision may be based before the search begins, and guarding against biases through education, policies and procedures.


The University of Ottawa is a dynamic community of students, academics, researchers, and professionals in pursuit of great things. We believe in the power of representation, and that increasing the diversity of our faculty and staff supports this objective. Our vision for tomorrow’s university is one that reflects the diversity of its people, their ideas, and their identities. While biases will always exist, we can mitigate their effect by promoting balanced representation at all levels of decision-making.


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