Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

We are proud to work as a national partner of Pride at Work Canada. This partnership allows Cassels Brock to actively support the LGBT community, which we believe is a part of a larger professional responsibility to encourage diversity. Through initiatives including Pride at Work Canada, Out on Bay Street, and the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network, Cassels Brock is able to recognize the exceptional benefits of workplace diversity.

Cassels Brock is a Canadian law firm of more than 200 lawyers based in Toronto and Vancouver. As one of the largest business law practices in Canada, the firm serves the transaction, advocacy, and advisory needs of the country’s most dynamic business sectors


Cassels Brock believes that an open and inclusive atmosphere benefits everyone who works within it. The diversity that is a part of this philosophy is important to the firm’s organizational success, both in terms of employee satisfaction and the ability to effectively represent the firm’s clients. Cassels Brock has established a diversity committee to support the firm’s diversity policy and initiatives. Although the committee plays a critical role in promoting diversity at the firm, everyone at Cassels Brock has a collective responsibility to contribute to this goal. Pride at Work Canada is an important partnership for Cassels Brock in its support of all members of the LGBT community, both within and outside of the firm.


Cassels Brock aims to attract, retain, and promote individuals of exceptional talent from as broad a range of backgrounds as possible. The firm strives to create an environment where members of the firm in all roles feel comfortable, valued, and supported. Cassels Brock views diversity as an integral part of what makes the firm an attractive place to work and a competitive legal services provider. Going forward, Cassels Brock will work to preserve and improve the diversity that is a source of strength for the firm and vital to its success.


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