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BlackBerry is a technology company that provides enterprises and governments with software to secure the IoT devices they use, the products they make, and the data that flows in and out of their network. We are able to do this because BlackBerry leads in key areas such as cybersecurity, endpoint management, encryption, embedded systems and data privacy. Today our software is trusted by the world’s most important organizations, including the G7, 16 of the G20, NATO, banks, healthcare companies and higher-education establishments, and is embedded in everything from 140 million vehicles on the road today to medical devices, trains, robots, smart meters, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants, pilot training simulators, mail-sorting machines, tablets, smartphones and more.


BlackBerry embraces diversity and inclusion by providing a welcoming environment in which every person is valued and respected, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, veteran, disability status or any other dimension of diversity. Currently, BlackBerry operates in over 20 countries and adheres to the specific laws and regulations in each. However, above and beyond our compliance with applicable laws and regulations, is our commitment to diversity and inclusion which we recognize as a business imperative.


Inclusion is embedded in the fabric of how BlackBerry has and continues to operate. BlackBerry utilizes the rich experience of our diverse workforce to deliver results for our diverse global customers.


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