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We are a leading central bank - dynamic, engaged, and trusted - committed to a better Canada.

We offer a vibrant and inclusive workplace that benefits from the perspectives and talents of our diverse workforce. We rely on a team of collaborative professionals and invest in innovative research and policy analysis. We also offer flexibility to accommodate the needs of our employees and focus on creating a superior work environment that promotes equal opportunities for all.


At the Bank of Canada, we believe that what makes each of us unique, makes the Bank stand out. By educating leaders, supporting and empowering employees, and communicating the value diversity brings to our work, we promote a more inclusive work environment where every employee can reach their potential.

Our work is shaped in part by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, with a mandate to represent employees from across the Bank with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The Committee provides input into, and support for, the Bank’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our Employee Resource group, ‘Pride at the Bank,’ is a community of LGBTQ2S employees and their allies who provide education and awareness of LGBTQ2S issues, and acts as a source of social support to its members.


Reflected in our Medium-Term Plan priorities, we are committed to having a diverse and representative workforce in which every employee can reach their full potential. We strive to make our policies, programs and workplace more inclusive, respectful and barrier-free. We promote the principles of diversity and inclusion and adhere to the Canadian Human Rights Act and other legislation.


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