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<hr></hr>Andrea Skinner
<br>Diversity and Inclusion Partner
<br>Steven Zakem
<br>Managing Partner
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Aird & Berlis is committed to fostering an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. Doing so enriches the firm and helps us deliver exceptional service and value for our clients. We recognize the benefits of a workplace and culture that encourages authenticity; that recognizes and values individual differences; and where everyone is respected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Andrea Skinner
Diversity and Inclusion Partner
Steven Zakem
Managing Partner
Aird & Berlis

Aird & Berlis

Aird & Berlis LLP is proud to be one of Canada’s premier business law firms. We have more than 170 lawyers and business advisors dedicated to providing strategic legal and business advice.

Commitment to Diversity

Aird & Berlis LLP is committed to maintaining and fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Through the lens of diversity and inclusion, we strive to live these values and incorporate them into our workplace. This enriches our firm and helps us deliver exceptional service and value for our clients. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee collaborates with our lawyers and staff to develop and advance a broader diversity and inclusion strategy. Our firm is committed to affirming our LGBT2Q+ community of lawyers and staff, as well as recognizing their commitment of time, energy and expertise to support diverse causes and communities.

Vision for the Future

Aird & Berlis LLP is committed to our diversity and inclusion initiatives for the future. We continue to explore new opportunities and forge new partnerships to further our commitment to being an organization which reflects core Canadian values and our community in the Greater Toronto Area. We are pleased with our partnership with Pride at Work Canada, as it allows our firm’s values to go further, and do more while remaining purposeful and fostering an environment where employees feel valued, respected and supported every day.

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