Webinar Series 2020-21

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Pride at Work Canada 2020-21 Webinar Series Schedule

All webinars are exclusive for employees of our National & Regional Partners and take place on Wednesdays from 12 pm to 1 pm ET. For description details and registration, follow the accompanying links. Access details will be emailed to you closer to the date for which you registered.

FALL 2020
Inclusive Talent Acquisition (English)

Presenter: Amanda Spakowski (she/her), Diversity & Inclusion/Talent Acquisition Professional

Description: Employers often cite elusive “pipeline problems” as an excuse for their lack of diversity. But it’s often issues with talent acquisition processes, not a lack of LGBTQ2+ talent, that keep queer and trans job seekers out of the workforce. When it comes to inclusive selections and onboarding processes, little changes can often make a big difference. In this webinar, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Amanda Spakowski will show the many ways employers can be inclusive of LGBTQ2+ talent throughout the selections and onboarding process and will demonstrate all of the little things that, put together, create a culture of belonging.

Best Practices for LGBTQ2+ Employee Resource Groups (English)

Presenter: Jade Pichette (they/them), Manager of Programs, Pride at Work Canada

Description: Inclusion is often driven by employees on their journey to create workplaces that are welcoming of everyone. The best employers understand that employee resource groups (ERGs), business resource groups (BRGs), affinity groups, and inclusion councils that leverage the lived experience of their employees from marginalized communities make their workplaces more inclusive. This webinar, presented by Pride at Work Canada Manager of Programs Jade Pichette, will focus on the life cycle of employee resource groups, strategic planning, event management, and best overall best practices for effective and inclusive ERGs.

Trans Inclusion in the Workplace (English)

Presenter: Yasmeen Persad (she/her), Trans Program Coordinator, The 519

Description: Whether they have been out for years or getting ready to transition in the workplace, there’s ample evidence to show that trans workers need more support to succeed in Canadian workplaces. This webinar, presented by experienced trans educator Yasmeen Persad, will provide concrete recommendations on how all workers can support trans colleagues, and advocate for more trans inclusive workplaces. Citing cases ruled on by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Persad will speak to how employers can not just meet their legal obligations, but go beyond accommodation to acting in allyship with trans communities.

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