Workplace Audit


Pride at Work Canada’s Workplace Audit is a uniquely Canadian tool designed to help organizations track their diversity and inclusion efforts in a comprehensive fashion with respect to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The Audit asks over thirty-five questions, exploring:

  • anti-discrimination and harassment policies
  • employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • onboarding and complaints processes
  • benefits coverage
  • training topics
  • supplier diversity
  • community involvement
  • manager support


Who usually fills out the Audit survey?

The Audit is a project that requires time and thought. Someone from a diversity and/or HR business area works together with a representative from an LGBTQ2+ employee resource group to gather all the information that is required for a submission.


Why should an organization put the time and energy into this Index?

This uniquely Canadian tool examines your LGBTQ2+ inclusion efforts in a thoroughly holistic way, resulting in focused feedback specific to your business. Structural adjustments create meaningful and impactful change for employees to help ensure that each person feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. The Audit also reflects relevant and leading human rights legislation in Canada, distinguishing from U.S-based or global indexes as an important tool for Canadian employers.


As a Proud Partner of Pride at Work Canada, what can my organization expect from the Audit?

All of our Proud Partners can access the Audit for free, at any time, as a benefit of membership. Following a submission your organization receives a scorecard, displaying your particular score in relation to the yearly average in seven areas. Your organization is also entitled to a benchmarking session to discuss successes, identify gaps, next steps, and potential timelines. You will also receive ongoing support from the Audit Coordinator to meet these goals.


What if my organization is not a partner?

The Audit is accessible for a one-time fee of $3,200CAD to employers that are not currently a Proud Partner of Pride at Work Canada. The data collected will be kept confidential and used to correlate annual statistics. Your organization will receive a scorecard displaying your particular sore in relation to the yearly average, along with the top three identified gaps and suggested next steps.


What if my organization is concerned about confidentiality?

All the data collected through the Audit is kept confidential and only accessed by the Audit Coordinator through a secure server. Findings are anonymized to maintain confidentiality while still discussing overall trends. We often use examples of exceptional and exciting work in our programming, but only after receiving approval from the employer in question.


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