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<hr></hr>Heena Patel
<br>SVP and Chief Auditor, Canada and Executive Sponsor, Diversity and Inclusion
<br>RSA Canada

At RSA Canada, our workplace is for everyone. We believe the more everyone's voice is heard, the more we can all thrive together. That’s why we’re focused on creating an environment where our people can feel like they belong, regardless of their differences. Unique perspectives and individual points of view are what make RSA a truly vibrant and creative place to work.

Heena Patel
SVP and Chief Auditor, Canada and Executive Sponsor, Diversity and Inclusion
RSA Canada

THE ADVANTAGE OF BEING IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 300 YEARS, IS THAT WE HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING. RSA is global, national and local, with experience knowing what works, how teams contribute to success, and most importantly how our people make a difference. Our founding history was built on a vision to provide protection and peace of mind, for our people, customers, and communities and this continues to fuel our desire to be the best at what we do. We work with driving energy and determination to get better every day through industry leading thinking, listening and respecting all perspectives. At RSA, this is how our leaders and our people make an impact. We look forward, so we can adapt, evolve and improve, ultimately achieving our better, together.

Commitment to Diversity

At RSA Canada, we are committed to creating a workplace where our employees thrive; where everybody counts, where we actively seek out input, and where everyone is heard. We celebrate differences, because we believe having a diverse workforce that embraces different perspectives makes us a more vibrant and creative place to work, and strengthens our relationships with our customers and within our communities.

Vision for the Future

A PLACE WHERE EVERYONE’S VOICE IS HEARD We have a truly inclusive culture where people can bring their whole selves to work. There are no barriers to doing your best work at RSA Canada and reaching your potential. At RSA, everyone is valued, everyone’s voice is heard and everyone can perform at their best. People come to RSA because they want development, they stay because they feel a sense of belonging. We share a strong commitment to treat people equally and act as role models in building inclusive environments. Our leaders know the value of an equal and inclusive environment that embraces and rewards diversity of thought, and how that drives employee engagement, customer service excellence and business performance.  
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