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Jim Vibert,<br/>
Director <br/>
and Canada Country Counsel<br/>
HP, Canada

Diversity and inclusion are in HPE’s DNA. From HPE’s earliest days we recognized that the more points of view that we can draw on, the better our products and services—and our company as a whole—will be. Then, we were lauded as leaders in diversity. HPE continues to build on that legacy. We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and dignity for all. We believe in the power of our people make a difference and drive meaningful results.

Jim Vibert,
and Canada Country Counsel
HP, Canada

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a new company to help you go further, faster. A true partnership where collaborative people, empowering technology and transformative ideas accelerate change. Accelerating innovation. Accelerating transformation. Accelerating value. Accelerating possibilities.


At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we believe that the full power of our people will drive our success. A focus on Diversity & Inclusion helps to drive new business, fuel innovation, and attract and attain the best employees. It makes a difference in the workplace, marketplace, and community–advancing the way we live and work. As our employees, customers, and constituents change, we recognize that one of the best ways to design for, sell to, and work with customers and partners is to nurture an inclusive environment where everyone is valued, respected, and supported. Employees who feel supported are more productive.Throughout the world, HPE is putting differences to work to connect everyone to the power of technology in the marketplace, workplace and community. Creating a diverse, inclusive environment has been an ongoing journey of continuous action for many years. It has been a journey guided by deeply held values. HPE is honoured to have the opportunity to be engaged with Pride at Work Canada to further enable the company to continue on their diversity journey.


HPE has a deliberate commitment to increasing the diversity of our workforce and creating an inclusive environment in which all can thrive. From our own D&I thought leaders to partnerships with premier academic institutions and leading organizations, HPE brings extraordinary resources to bear in an aligned, holistic approach to Diversity & Inclusion that encompasses our people, our customers, our suppliers and the community at large. Working with Pride at Work Canada enables HPE to attract individuals who can “grow and win” with HPE, as well as contribute to their ongoing success.


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