For more than 60 years, Énergir has pursued its mission to find increasingly sustainable ways to meet the energy needs of the communities and some 530,000 customers it serves. Today, we are more than a gas distributor: we value energy efficiency, we are diversifying, and we are involved in promising and innovative projects such as renewable natural gas, liquefied and compressed natural gas, wind power and solar energy. At Énergir, we imagine energy differently.

Commitment to diversity

At Énergir, beyond productivity, we focus on the physical and mental well-being of our employees, and on stimulating challenges, community involvement and solidarity. We firmly believe that people can go further when they're feeling fulfilled. Through tolerance, openness to difference and inclusion, we can create the winning conditions for everyone to contribute and flourish without fear of being judged.

At our company, working should be synonymous with self-realization and feeling good every day. This is why we will call on our leaders and teams to reflect on diversity and inclusion, on their unconscious biases, on their practices and on the value that diversity brings to Énergir so that our aspirations are built into our processes and corporate culture in a sustainable way.

Vision of the future

At Énergir, we want to make visible our openness to difference, deepen our reflections and encourage dialogue. Our values already reflect this culture of collaboration and closeness. What we want to do now is to talk more about it and recognize inclusion as a powerful lever for deploying a unique range of perspectives. We believe that celebrating difference enriches our organizational culture and makes us more creative, more efficient in every way and, ultimately, happier at work and in our personal lives.  

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