City of London

The Corporation of the City of London employs over 3000 talented and committed people, providing nearly 100 municipal services ranging from recreation, waste management, parks operations, and social services to police and fire protection. Each contributes to the high quality of life that our community enjoys.


The Corporation of the City of London is proud to have been the first municipality to partner with Pride At Work Canada and is fully supportive of its mission, vision and values. London itself is a creative, engaged and inclusive community which respects and values all cultures, ethnicities, genders, languages, ages, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, opinions and life experiences. The Corporation of the City of London is an active supporter of the annual London Pride Festival; with the Mayor and members of Council whole heartedly participating in the parade. As an employer, the Corporation of the City of London has a strong commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion. We know that people who feel comfortable to be their whole selves at work are better employees and ultimately provide the best possible service that our community relies on.


The Corporation of the City of London will continue to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace respecting the dignity and perspectives of all. We will do this with our 2014 Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan which builds upon our existing solid foundation. We look forward to leveraging the resources and expertise available through the Pride At Work Canada partnership, along with the support of our employee Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Committee and PRISM, our LGBT+ Employee Resource Group. We recognize that our LGBT+ employees are an important part of our diverse workforce and want to ensure all can achieve their full potential with us.
                                  City of London employees and politicians ready to march in the annual Pride London Festival parade.


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