HSBC Bank Canada, a member of the HSBC Group, is the largest full-service, internationally owned bank and the seventh largest bank overall in Canada.

Commitment to diversity

HSBC Bank Canada is committed to providing a work place environment where all employees respect the dignity and rights of their co-workers and customers. As a reflection of this commitment HSBC has established 6 employee resource groups, including the HSBC Pride Network. The mission of the HSBC Pride Network is to promote and support an inclusive environment through progressive policies, programs and practices that facilitate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employee engagement and acceptance in the work place.

HSBC Bank Canada is pleased to expand on its commitment to diversity and inclusion by becoming a Corporate Partner of Pride at Work Canada.

Vision for the future

HSBC Bank Canada’s vision is to embed diversity into every aspect of our culture. To this end, HSBC is striving to establish a work place free of conscious or unconscious bias, where all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed based on their unique skills and accomplishments. HSBC also envisions being a leader when it comes to diversity and inclusion, setting a high standard for other corporations and groups who wish to make diversity an integral component of their culture.

Having a diverse workforce allows us to benefit from a variety of perspectives and strengthens our local and global competitiveness.
At HSBC we are committed to providing a comfortable and safe work environment for all employees and ensuring equality of opportunity, benefits and rewards.

Michael Webb
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
HSBC Bank Canada