Cineplex Entertainment is one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies and the country’s largest motion picture exhibitor, operating 136 theatres from British Columbia to Quebec.

Commitment to diversity

Cineplex Entertainment’s commitment to diversity and Pride at Work Canada finds its origins in a company-wide effort to provide an exceptional entertainment experience.

Guests receive the best service from a workforce that can anticipate and respond to the needs Canadians from all walks of life. Employees succeed in a supportive work environment that offers equitable opportunity for advancement and remains free of harassment and discrimination.

Fostering a diverse workforce and supportive workplace isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. Cineplex Entertainment’s cultural and values-based commitment to diversity has been a key contributor to the company returning year after year of record adjusted EBITDA results.

Vision for the future

Cineplex’s vision for the future of diversity and Pride at Work Canada is a workplace in which all employees feel safe, supported and comfortable being themselves.

It’s a workforce that not only reflects the diversity of the communities in which we do business, but can also understand and respond to the needs of Canadians from all walks of life.

And finally, it’s theatre environment that sees ALL Canadians able to enjoy the thrill of going to the movies.

At Cineplex, we’ve built an award-winning culture by creating an equitable, supportive environment in which all employees can feel free to be themselves. We believe a safe, welcoming and open environment is best for all employees – and that includes members of the LGBT communities.

Ellis Jacob
President and CEO
Cineplex Entertainment