Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

David Rivard, CEO

We are proud of our Board of Directors decision 20 years ago to have the courage to pass a policy approving same-sex foster homes and adoptive homes. We held a special community celebration to honour this historic decision that reinforced that the ability to love and care for children was key, not one’s sexual orientation. We are also proud of our leadership on LGBTIQ issues across the Agency and in our Out and Proud Program. In 2014, we were invited to participate on a Ministry of Child & Youth Services Advisory Committee to provide advice on Province-wide Guidelines for child welfare organizations regarding equitable services for LGBTIQ children and youth.

David Rivard, CEO


CAST has a 20-year history of leadership within Canadian child welfare focused on striving for excellence in service and care for LGBTIQ and gender independent children, youth and families. At CAST, we are committed to inclusion, diversity, respect, and a work environment free from all forms of oppression and discrimination. CAST is proud to be partners with Pride at Work Canada, as we work together to build a positive, and inclusive environment for all of our LGBTIQ staff.


CAST will continue to introduce diversity and inclusion initiatives in the future that will allow us to retain and attract LGBTIQ staff, and create a positive environment where all of our employees feel safe, supported, and comfortable expressing their identity. By fostering an environment free from all oppression, racism, and discrimination, our staff will continue to create a city where children are safe, families are strong, and communities are supported.


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