About Us

Pride at Work Canada was founded in May 2008 by a group of dedicated individuals with a vision – to improve the climate of inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) employees in the workplace.

Mission, vision and values

The aim of the founding partners was to put the case for LGBT diversity and inclusion on the mainstream business agenda by winning the support of National and Provincial Partners. That aim has blossomed into our mission, vision and values.

The team

A volunteer-led non-profit organization, Pride at Work Canada is governed by our Board of Directors – consisting of volunteers from across the country — and two full-time staff members. The board works with various committees and staff to plan and execute programs and events across Canada.

National and Provincial Partners

Symbolic of our commitment to diversity, our Partners come from a wide range of sectors, including: telecommunications, financial services, marketing, management consulting, law, retail, and the public sector. Learn more about our Partners and their commitment to diversity.

Non-profit status

Pride at Work Canada is a non-profit organization, meeting the conditions set by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).